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Betty Crocker GF Mixes

Great news from the Gluten Free Living blog. 

Watch for Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes for cakes, cookies, and brownies on supermarket shelves beginning about June 1.

A customer service representative said General Mills has developed Betty Crocker brand brownie, chocolate-chip cookie and devil’s food and yellow cake mixes.

No set price was available, but the customer service representative said they will most likely be more expensive than wheat flour mixes sold by the company.

She said General Mills made information about the mixes available to customer service representatives this week after a blogger who taste-tested the products posted information about them on the Internet. As news of the products leaked, the Betty Crocker consumer help-line received a flurry of calls.

The gluten-free products will be made in a separate facility to prevent cross-contamination from the wheat flour used in regular Betty Crocker baking mixes. The ingredients lists were not available.

Betty Crocker is also conducting a consumer survey about gluten-free products. If you call to ask about gluten-free items, you might be asked a few questions about the use of gluten-free food in your household. You can reach the consumer-help line at                 800-446-1898         .

This is the second time in a week that there has been news of new gluten-free products from General Mills. Earlier, word started to spread that the company has expanded its line of gluten-free Chex cereals with the introduction of gluten-free Corn, Honey Nut and Cinnamon Chex.

Although not officially launched, the cereals are now available in some supermarkets.


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GF Weight Watchers Support

Did you know that there is a Yahoo Group for GF Weight Watchers members?  It is a small group, but very helpful if you are trying to lose weight on Weight Watchers.  You can find the group at  Good luck on your GF weight loss journey!

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Gluten Free Dining

Today I attended the Outback Steakhouse Manager’s Meeting in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  This was a meeting of all of the General and Kitchen Managers.  They were getting together to learn about gluten intolerance in honor of Celiac Awareness month.

I knew Outback had a gluten-free menu, but I had no idea how seriously they take their gluten-free business.  It was eye-opening and amazing!  I would go eat at any Outback and feel safe.  They have thoroughly trained their employees (through meetings and videos) and have an amazing menu.  I also didn’t realize that the reason they open up at 4pm is so they can make everything fresh each day.

I ate the Chicken Cobb Salad (in a dijon poppy dressing) and it was delicious.  They also sent me home with a bag of the brownies that are used in one of their many GF desserts.  I felt it was my duty to try the brownie before serving it to my family and I proceeded to eat the whole thing!  Very yummy!!!!  It was moist and chocolatey and phenomenal. 

Feel free to take your GF kids too.  They even have a GF kids menu.

Have fun and enjoy your delicious meal!

Jen Cafferty

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