Top Ten Tips for Living Gluten Free

top tenJen’s top ten tips for living gluten-free include:

1.  Find a local support group that can help when you are newly diagnosed or have questions along your journey.

2.  Find a local grocery or health food store that will allow you to taste the gluten-free products before you buy them.

3.  Start taking classes to learn how to prepare gluten-free foods.

4.  Experiment in the kitchen and don’t be afraid to try new foods and products.

5.  Make sure you have a “safe” kitchen.  Clean your kitchen well and purchase some necessary new items (such as a toaster) to avoid cross-contamination.

6.  Enlist your family and friends in supporting you in your new lifestyle.

7.  Find some great websites and blogs that fit your gluten-free needs.  See my list on the right side of this page.

8.  Locate a safe restaurant where you can eat during times when you don’t feel like cooking.  Eventually, you will be able to educate chefs at more restaurants.  But in the beginning, find a place that you know you can go to and not get sick.

9.  Carry gluten-free snacks with you in case a hunger attack strikes.  You can’t depend on the fact that safe food will be available.

10.  Relax and enjoy your gluten-free journey.  You will learn about great new foods and meet wonderful new people along the way.

For gluten-free support:   – The Gluten Intolerance Group  – The Celiac Sprue Association


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One response to “Top Ten Tips for Living Gluten Free

  1. this is great….love you blog and website, by the way. While I only eat raw foods now, I do post/put links to gluten free sites that I think will help others as many celiacs follow my site because of myformer advocacy for CD and DH. (I’m formerly VP of the BOD of the South Florida branch of the CDF). Keep up the great blog and fabulous information!

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