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If you like what I write about, please follow my articles on  I am the National Gluten-Free Reporter for  Examiner is an online newspaper written by local people that are experts in various fields.  You might even like to apply to be an Examiner for your local town. 

To follow my articles on go to my Examiner webpage and click on “subscribe to email”.  The link is located to the right side of my picture.  You will then receive the articles in your inbox as I write them.

Check out the local gluten-free examiners from around the country.  Go to and type in gluten free in the search box.  See what you find.  If you would like to be a local gluten-free examiner for your town, you can apply by clicking here.

Covering thousands of subjects across hundreds of cities and towns, Examiners come from all walks of life and contribute unique and original content to entertain, inform, and inspire their readers. Examiners are credible, passionate and knowledgeable local influencers. They have access to tools that help them grow their audience and brand as well as forums where they can connect with other Examiners and experts.Launched in April 2008, serves 70 major markets across the country. is a division of the Clarity Media Group, and is wholly owned by The Anschutz Company.


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  1. Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

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