Trader Joe’s Best Gluten Free Products

Lately, I have been spending more time shopping at Trader Joe’s.  I used to complain because they didn’t have very many glute-free items.  Well, times have changed!  You can find many gluten-free products at your local Trader Joe’s.  Please read the labels carefully.  If you are very sensitive to gluten you might not want to purchase these items as many are manufactured in facilities that process wheat.  They do, however, adhere to safe manufacturing practices.

My favorite Trader Joe’s gluten-free products:

1.  Mini Chicken Tacos (frozen)
2.  Brownie Mix
3.  Crunchy Curls – Lentil and Potato Snack
4.  Brown Rice Crispy Bars
5.  Frozen Waffles
6.  Brown Rice Pasta

If you have other products from Trader Joe’s that you love, please let us know and I’ll try them out!  You can click here and let me know about your favorite products.


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