Start a Supper Club

For the past six years, my husband and I have been part of a supper club.  It all started when I read a magazine article in Cooking Light Magazine that was about groups of people getting together to cook and share recipes.  I went online through the magazine’s website and found a local group that was forming in my area.  We were soon part of a wonderful group of people that over time have made our recipes completely gluten free.  These are not people that live GF lives, but have accomodated our needs.  I encourage you to find a group of GF friends and start a group.  You will get to try new recipes and learn how others make the most in their GF kitchens and lives.

Each month we have a theme (usually ethnic).  The person who is hosting makes the entree and everyone else brings a side dish and/or a dessert.  This month we are hosting at our house and we have a tropical theme.  I think we are going to try and roast a pig and have a luau. 

My sister recently moved to Denver and her “mommy group” started a supper club.  They followed our lead and the host makes the entree.  It has worked very well for them too, even with a bunch of babies crawling around!

Let me know  if you start a gluten-free group.  I’ll write about it in the blog…


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