Gluten Free Dining

Today I attended the Outback Steakhouse Manager’s Meeting in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  This was a meeting of all of the General and Kitchen Managers.  They were getting together to learn about gluten intolerance in honor of Celiac Awareness month.

I knew Outback had a gluten-free menu, but I had no idea how seriously they take their gluten-free business.  It was eye-opening and amazing!  I would go eat at any Outback and feel safe.  They have thoroughly trained their employees (through meetings and videos) and have an amazing menu.  I also didn’t realize that the reason they open up at 4pm is so they can make everything fresh each day.

I ate the Chicken Cobb Salad (in a dijon poppy dressing) and it was delicious.  They also sent me home with a bag of the brownies that are used in one of their many GF desserts.  I felt it was my duty to try the brownie before serving it to my family and I proceeded to eat the whole thing!  Very yummy!!!!  It was moist and chocolatey and phenomenal. 

Feel free to take your GF kids too.  They even have a GF kids menu.

Have fun and enjoy your delicious meal!

Jen Cafferty


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